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By The Time I’m Twenty book review


Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer RMN_IVMS
Lawrence attempts to make money in the hood by selling drugs with his friend Winston. But when two of his friends get shot in a crack house. Lawrence realizes how dangerous drug dealing is and wants out. But when he doesn’t have enough money to “buy himself out.” So he ends up telling his parents about all of it. So now he has to make a decision to tell the police or not. While Winston and L.C, the drug lord, are after him.
In the book it makes you feel like you are right there through the whole book. The characters of this book seem very real people. Lawrence the main character is just like any other teenager, but is put into a tough situation. This book is written as a play so there is no feeling of a narrator. At the end of the book you actually know what happened to must of the characters. I believe the author shows about how drugs can ruin a person’s life in many ways. The book had a good climax and falling action which is very exciting. After finishing this book I learned about how school is important and how terrible drugs are. I would recommend this book to my friends because it is entertaining and after I finished the book I think I will never forget.

Reviewer Age: 14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Fairborn, Ohio USA

We all know that homicide is the leading cause of death among our young African American males. By the time I’m twenty provides cross generational understanding of the forces that propel our young people into such dangerous lifestyles. This book and film should be discussed in churches, schools, and community groups. It entertains while teaching.

Jan Michele Lemmon-Kearney


Cincinnati Herald

No. Kentucky Herald &

Dayton Defender

I read your play and was very impressed with it. It is a very good depiction of what is happening to so many of our young black men. It is a story that all African American males should see from age 12 and up. Maybe then they will see how useless that way of life is.

Helen Rankin-Merritt

Former State Representative of Ohio


The Last Encore

by Willie James Jones

The story shows how the true boundaries of friendship can be tested in a life and death situation. Mr. Jones has written a very suspenseful and intriguing play. RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Marcia Brevard Wynn,

RAWSISTAZ Literary group

The issue of friendship vs. betrayal and how it plays on basic human relationship is an exciting concept. I loved the fact that there was no television in the home and friends could come over and play cards. This is a good play with good actors. With talent like this there is no need to go to New York?

Kinshasha Azariah

Director, Center for Peace Education

The idea of a live drama is intriguing. The family’s values shine through with the husband and wife, and card playing.

Edna Howell

Radio Personality

Bravo! I send you a standing ovation for an outstanding play. I was relieved at the outcome but really enjoyed the suspense. The Last Encore may be the title of your play. But I am sure there are many more encores in your future.

Gwen Gordon

Producer/ Casting Director


The issues are still current, here in Detroit-guns, drugs and violence. I especially liked the “Hit your note” recurring throughout the play. It helped to solidify the friendship between Jason and James.

Barbara Busby

Literary Manager

Detroit Repertory Theatre

Out Of Sight…Out Of Mind

(Original motion picture soundtrack) Recorded by Ariel Underwood, Composer/Arranger/Executive Producer Willie James Jones

This is a very nice Album. The lyrics and smooth melody remind you of the good old days, while the vocalist works it in 2012 style. I hope to hear more from this artist.


Music lover

555-3045 has people dancing on the floor here in this Detroit night club every weekend. Ariel’s recording is surely destined to be a hit.

Baby Ray

Night Club D.J.

They are dancing to every cut here in Montgomery, Alabama. Wow! You go, girl!

Master C

Night Club D.J.

If I had to choose between buying a sandwich or this recording, I would choose this recording by Ariel. It’s outta’ sight.


Music lover