“About Us”

We have been presenting a high standard of theatre for over 20 years. The projects range from live stage performances to movie production, to book publication. It’s all said in the name, Renaissance Entertainment Experience.    One of our earlier projects: A radio drama series that aired weekly in Detroit for three years over radio stations. They were W.C.H.B., W.P.O.N. and a 50 watt station, W.D.T.R. The series featured a new episode and characters weekly.

    We have won several awards and positive reviews. The recent play, By The Time I’m Twenty, is a nationally published book and produced movie, which has won awards and positive reviews. It tells a unique story for youth.  Broadcast on stage and television, the play, The Last Encore is another award winning project, which is a nationally published book. It tells the story of a reunion between two members of one of the greatest singing groups to emerge from the motor city that goes awry.

    One of our more recent projects is a produced movie entitled, Out Of Sight…Out Of Mind, a story about a singer, a hit record and a promotional record tour that turns mysterious. A nationally popular motion picture soundtrack recording, written especially for the screen, came out that project. It features a recording from the movie entitled 555-3045 by Ariel Underwood. We are presently a partner with The Quality Theatrical Players. They are a 501 c (3) non-profit company, so any money donated through them on our behalf is tax deductible.  Ambitious projects in the near future are being planned, so this partnership will help us reach our goals.

   Gwen Gordon has been a producer on projects with Renaissance Entertainment Experience for at least 10 years. They include The Trip On Glider Airlines, Lost Perception, By The Time I’m Twenty and Out Of Sight…Out Of Mind. With her influence and sought after talents as a casting agent in the community, we have extended our production reach at least twice as far as it would have without her. She has worked with many Hollywood produced films like House Party, Malcolm X, Rage In Harlem, Traffic, Rain Man, In too Deep, and many more. Gwen is driven by her un-yielding desire to enhance the world through her artistic visions.

   Fred Berry has been working in production with Renaissance Entertainment Experience for years. He is either promoting, working as a production crew member interviewer for our movie premiers or operating camera.

Regina Morton is a valuable asset. She was a cast member, playing Lynn in the original live television broadcast production of the published play, The Last Encore. She is a versatile actress who played the old man in the Ossie Davis’ musical, Purlie, when presented in Cincinnati. Through the years, she worked production on various projects. But she will soon be seen in the role of interviewer to the many patrons who attended the premiere of the movie, Out Of Sight…Out Of Mind.

Willie Jones is also available for motivational speaking to schools or groups. Please contact us for more information:  We appreciate your support.