Renaissance Entertainment Experience is…

an entertainment company that has been around for over twenty years, producing and presenting award winning stage plays and films. The company’s Executive Director, Willie James Jones, holds a bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Speech and Theatre and a Master’s in Educational Leadership. He has written a collection of over 25 stories that include produced scripts for the stage and screen. Each project assembles a skilled talent and production team.

We are partnered with the non profit 501c3 tax exempt organization, Quality Theatrical Players. This is important in order to accomplish our mission in 2014 to bring you the very best in musical stage entertainment in an appropriate venue.




After writing The Last Encore one summer, Mr. Jones entered it with the cast into a weekend playwriting festival competition in Detroit. From this event it won a Michigan Playwriting Award. One of the cast members won for best supporting actor and several received honorable mentions. Now fast forward several years to today, where he has brought our team together to create innovative entertainment in forms that are appealing to all ages.

Mr. Jones has produced and edited television programs on many well known entertainment icons like Evelyn “Champayne” King, Joe Joe from the Mary Jane Girls, The Dramatics, Shirley Murdock, The Chi-lites, The Manhattans, The Intruders, Enchantment, Lenny Wiliams and many others. He produced a web lecture program on actresses Pam Grier, Regina Taylor, Joe Morton and others. So if it’s an entertainment experience being sought, you have arrived at the right site.